are gone forever.

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Old files need to be securely destroyed

You face a constant stream of old files that needs to be securely destroyed which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

You have other things to do like run a business, or enjoy your life, then to spend time with paper and product shredding.

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Stressed office worker needing paper and product shredding

Easily Take Control of Your Paper and Product Shredding

Quickly get rid of lots of documents

You send documents for shredding faster than it’s created.

Reduce your exposure to risk

Because it’s easy to shred, you destroy old files often to reduce possible theft.

Get proper disposal of destroyed documents

Your shredded material is recycled or securely disposed of.

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We understand the struggle to keep information secure
and the need to prevent data breaches.

Veteran owned paper shredding company

Certified Veteran Owned Small Business

  • Thousands of companies helped

  • Millions of pounds of paper shredded

  • Thousands of IT assets destroyed

  • Certified Secure Destruction Specialists in house

  • Bonded and Insured

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NAID paper and product shredding certification logo
Protected by Downstream Data Coverage. We're Covered, So You're Covered.

Shredding Service Options

Mobile Shredding

Have the mobile shred unit sent to your location for your paper shredding needs.

Watch the shredding happen.

Recurring or one-time services.

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Off-site Shredding

Have your material picked up and brought to the secure destruction facility.

Everything is tracked via barcode, CCTV, and GPS. Lower cost, just as secure.

Recurring or one-time services.

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Drop-off Shredding

Box or bag up your material. Then schedule an appointment and bring your materials to the destruction facility.

Ideal for small amounts.

As needed services.

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Are you in our shredding service area?

Shred Boss is headquartered in Roswell, and proudly serves the paper shredding & document destruction needs of these surrounding Southeastern New Mexico areas:

map showing Shred Boss service area of Southeast New Mexico
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How It Works

1. Get a quote

Pricing is based on the volume you have.

2. Get service date

Service dates are selected based on service type and your location.

3. Get Certificate of Destruction

Once all your material is destroyed you receive a Certificate of Destruction via email.

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