About Us

Companies create a constant flow of documents on paper and electronically that will inevitably need to be destroyed.
With Shred Boss secure paper & product shredding, you’ll get to focus on other areas of your business.

picture of first paper bale
2005 – First paper bale. Pictured is Art (middle) with his two sons Alan (left) and Josh (right).

At Shred Boss we know that you want to be a confident and protected business pro. In order to do that, you need secure document destruction that makes your files gone forever.

The problem is you have a constant stream of old files that need to be securely destroyed which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

We believe you should have one less area to worry about in your business.

We understand the struggle to keep information secure and prevent data breaches which is why we have helped thousands of companies securely destroy millions of pounds of paper and IT assets.