Secure Shred Collection Containers

Security is important. That is why we only use secure shred collection containers that meet strict standards.

Shred Boss is NAID Certified for mobile shredding
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Office Aesthetics

Shred collectors are used in a variety of work environments from warehouses to offices. Our containers visually fit into an office and are durable enough for a warehouse.


When paper is put into the shred collector, the paper needs to stay in the shred collector. Our shred collectors have true anti-fishing design builtin.

Internal Lock

Internal locks provide better security by removing access to the locking mechanisms which provides tamper evidence to the locks themselves.

Tamper Evident

Our bins have built-in security features so that if someone attempts to bypass them there will be physical and visual evidence. This prevents unauthorized access to material going unnoticed.

Easy Retriever

Three wheeled bin makes moving easy. Secure overlapping lid with molded paper feed slot and interlocking “tamper evident” hinge with built-in lock.

Size: 29″ deep x 25″ wide x 41″ high,

capacity: 66 gallon, 6 ft3

Office Console

Attractive design and color for easy integration into existing office décor. Flat top makes the console versatile for setting office equipment on top.

Size: 16″ deep x 22″ wide x 34″ high

capacity: 32 gallon, 5 ft3


A durable, all plastic alternative to the Office Console. Designed specifically for secure office paper collection. Integrates into most office décor.

Size: 17″ deep x 21″ wide x 29″ high

Capacity: 30 gallon, 5 ft3


An easy fit under most office desks. Amazingly compact size still manages a large volume of shred material. Design and color easily integrates into most office décor.

Size: 20″ deep x 11″ wide x 24″ high

Capacity: 16 gallon, 2.4 ft3

Collection bins for other media types are available. Contact us for details.

Shred Boss HIPAA Compliant paper shredding Artesia NM
Shred Boss is NAID Certified for mobile shredding