Drop-off Shredding in Roswell, NM

Drop off shredding is ideal for small amounts of shredding.

Whether it’s time to clean out your home office or your garage, Shred Boss is ready to securely and permanently destroy all your documents. Our destruction facility is equipped to handle your shredding needs.

Call before showing up!

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How Drop Off Shredding Works

  1. Gather all your material together either in a bag or a box. Keep paper separate from hard drives, disks, and other material to be shredded.
  2. Call our number to let us know you are stopping in.
  3. Once you arrive we can help you unload your vehicle.
  4. Materials are checked in.
  5. Pay with either cash or a credit card.
  6. Your material is combined with others and shredded within 5 business days.
  7. A certificate of destruction is sent to you once the material is destroyed.