Do I have to remove paper clips or staples?

No. We take your files bound with clips, binders and in folders. We shred bound books, license plates and more.

How long to I have to keep my documents

That depends on what type of file it is. Your company should have a retention schedule that will tell you. If you don’t contact us about helping you with your policies.
Are you bonded and insured?

Yes. We carry an Employee crime bond and professional liability insurance.

Is is secure?

Yes. Our destruction process is more secure than doing it yourself. Check out our Security page to find out more.

Do you shred it at my office?

There are two types of shredding services that we offer: on-site (mobile) and off-site (plant-based).

Can I watch it be shredded?

Yes, select the mobile shredding service.

How much will it cost to shred my documents?

To get a fast accurate price, fill out our Quote form.

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