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Complete destruction to give you confidence in maintaining your privacy

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Hard drives contain enormous amounts of private information that simply deleting the file does not remove.

Keeping hard drives forever is unrealistic. Data breaches suck.

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about protecting your privacy or suffering data breaches from improperly discarded hard drives.

Prevent data breaches and have peace of mind and confidence in maintaining your privacy with certified hard drive destruction.

Completely destroy your information by turning your hard drive into pieces.

Help the environment by recycling destroyed hard drives.

NAID certified hard drive destruction means your due diligence and verification of processes is done for you.



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Hard Drive Destruction Service Options

Off-Site Hard Drive Destruction

Offsite destruction is where we bring a box truck to pick up your hard drives. The hard drives are batched and barcoded for tracking purposes. The truck is tracked with GPS.

Your load is verified and checked in upon arrival to our secure destruction facility. Once your hard drives have been destroyed you receive a destruction certificate via email. The destroyed material is shipped for recycling.

Drop-off Hard Drive Destruction

Drop-off destruction is where you bring your hard drives for destruction to us. Schedule a quick appointment.

A couple of considerations with drop-off shredding. Payment with cash or card is required at time of drop-off.

Arrive in the drive marked office and pull up to the door with the window.

You may be legally required to destroy your hard drive

There are laws that require you to prevent unauthorized access to personal information. Computers do not last and have to be replaced. Before you send off the old one…wait! This is also true for copy machines as many have a hard drive built in. It is also true for mobile phones, PDA’s, USB drives, and other electronic storage devices.

Your information is still on the old hard drive. Deleting files and/or formatting the hard drive does NOT remove the information. In order to keep that information getting out you need to destroy the hard drive.

An overview of the secure hard drive destruction

  • The serial numbers on the computer and/or the hard drive is tracked and a complete physical and documented audit trail is in place.
  • The destruction process is written, standardized, and audited.
  • A documented quality control program verifies the effectiveness of the destruction process on an ongoing basis.
  • A Certification of Destruction that addresses the “who, where, when, and how” of the destruction process is issued.
  • Employees conducting the destruction are screened with background checks and drug tests

How It Works

1. Get a quote

Pricing is based on the volume you have.

2. Get service date

Service dates are selected based on service type and your location.

3. Get Certificate of Destruction

Once all your material is destroyed you receive a Certificate of Destruction via email.

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Hard Drive Destruction FAQs

What is hard drive destruction?

Hard drive destruction is a process of physically destroying a hard drive by slicing it into small pieces. The goal is to make it impossible to recover any data from the hard drive, ensuring that sensitive information is securely destroyed.

Why is hard drive destruction important?

Hard drive destruction is important to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Even if data has been wiped from a hard drive, it can still be recovered using specialized techniques. Destruction ensures that data cannot be recovered, providing the highest level of security.

How does hard drive destruction work?

Hard drive destruction works by physically destroying the hard drive using specialized equipment. The hard drive is crushed or shredded into small pieces.

What is the difference between hard drive destruction and wiping?

Hard drive destruction physically destroys the hard drive, while wiping uses software to overwrite the data multiple times to make it unrecoverable. While both methods can be effective, we believe destruction is generally considered the more secure option.

What are the benefits of hard drive destruction over wiping?

The main benefit of hard drive destruction over wiping is that it is more secure. While wiping can make data unrecoverable in most cases, there is still a small possibility that data could be recovered using specialized techniques. Hard drive destruction ensures that all data is completely destroyed and cannot be recovered.

How much does hard drive destruction cost?

The cost of hard drive destruction can vary depending on factors such as the number of hard drives being destroyed and the location of the destruction service. However, the cost is generally reasonable and affordable, especially when compared to the potential costs of a data breach or other security incident. Get a Quote

Who should use hard drive destruction services?

Any individual or organization that handles sensitive information on hard drives should consider using hard drive destruction services to ensure the secure disposal of that data. This includes businesses, government agencies, and individuals who may have personal information stored on their hard drives.

How can I ensure that my hard drive is completely destroyed during destruction?

To ensure that your hard drive is completely destroyed during destruction, you should choose a reputable destruction service provider, such as Shred Boss, that follows industry standards and guidelines. You can also ask for a certificate of destruction or other proof of the destruction process to ensure that your hard drive has been securely destroyed.

Is hard drive destruction environmentally friendly?

Yes, our hard drive destruction is environmentally friendly, as the resulting pieces of the hard drive are recycled in an environmentally responsible way. Additionally, we use energy-efficient equipment and follow sustainable business practices.

What should I look for in a reputable hard drive destruction service provider?

When choosing a hard drive destruction service provider, you should look for one that is NAID Certified, has experience and expertise in the field, and provides a certificate of destruction or other proof of the destruction process. Additionally, you may want to consider factors such as cost, location, and customer reviews to ensure that you choose a provider that meets your needs.