Certified Hard Drive Shredding

Computers do not last and have to be replaced. Before you send off the old one…wait!

Your information is still on the old hard drive. Deleting files and/or formatting the hard drive does NOT remove the information. In order to keep that information getting out you need to destroy the hard drive.

This is also true for copy machines as many have a hard drive built in. It is also true for mobile phones, PDA’s, USB drives, and other electronic storage devices.

Here is what you get with our secure hard drive destruction

  • The serial numbers on the computer and/or the hard drive is tracked and a complete physical and documented audit trail is in place.
  • The destruction process is written, standardized, and audited.
  • A documented quality control program verifies the effectiveness of the destruction process on an ongoing basis.
  • A Certification of Destruction that addresses the “who, where, when, and how” of the destruction process is issued.
  • Employees conducting the destruction are screened with background checks and drug tests

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You may be legally required to destroy your hard drive

There are laws that require you to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

Over the last 2 years alone, there has been in excess of $10,000,000 in fines for improperly discarding sensitive personal information, not to mention scores of embarrassing headlines.

The legal requirement for data breach notification can cost tens of thousands of dollars and a whole lot more in lost customer confidence and future business.

You have a ethical obligation to your clients and stakeholders to properly destroy personal and proprietary information when discarding or transferring ownership of old computers.

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