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Keep your information protected by shredding files that contain personal, private information, or that of your customers. Paper shredding is an ongoing activity. Have Shred Boss do all your shredding and experience fast, secure, and reliable service.
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Why Paper Shredding?

Privacy matters.

In today’s information age companies collect, retain, process, and report on personal, private data. You are now required to take “reasonable” safeguards data to meet federal and state privacy laws.

Paper shredding meets your “reasonable” steps to take in order to protect paper documents with protected information.

We send the shredded paper to be recycled where the shreds are pulped down and recycled. This results in the complete destruction of any protected information.

Paper documents fall into two basic categories: records and incidentals. Each can contain protected identifiable information and should be shredded.

Think of records as the files that are kept in filing cabinets or put in boxes. These are files or reports that were once used in the operations or management of the company.

Think of incidentals as phone messages, inter-office notes, mis-prints, or draft documents. These often do not have the need for retention and should be shredded as soon as their usefulness has expired.

What Needs Shredding?

Flexible service to meet your paper shredding needs

Our paper shredding services are flexible. Whether you are looking for a continuous recurring service or an as-needed paper shredding service Shred Boss is here to meet your needs.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your shredding project.

How It Works

1. Get a quote

Pricing is based on the volume you have.

2. Get service date

Service dates are selected based on service type and your location.

3. Get Certificate of Destruction

Once all your material is destroyed you receive a Certificate of Destruction via email.

Are you in our shredding service area?

Shred Boss is headquartered in Roswell, and proudly serves the paper shredding & document destruction needs of these surrounding Southeastern New Mexico areas: