• Fill the Bag

  • Seal the bag

  • Bring the bag to Shred Boss

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Sometimes gathering all your papers to be shredded can be frustrating; messing with plastic bags or finding boxes. Here is a simple solution for you.

The PrePaid Shred Bag.

These work very well for home and small offices where you have just a couple of people and do not have the requirement of a locked shred collector.

It’s a paper bag with a flat bottom so it stands up on its own. Put this in a corner or a closet. Just drop your mail or paperwork in it.

When the paper reaches the line, just peel the adhesive strip backing and then seal the bag closed.

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Here’s three reasons I believe you will really like this bag.

1. The bag clearly identifies that it’s paperwork that needs to be destroyed. This prevents you from accidentally throwing away sensitive documents.

2. The way the bag is designed it stacks the paper and makes it super easy to pick up and carry.

3. The bag itself gets shredded and recycled along with the paper. It’s very environmentally friendly.

It’s PrePaid. The cost of the bag includes the cost of shredding.

It’s very easy, and super simple.

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